Read about Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd’s early days.

You might be surprised to see his downfall was not quite as the Media would have it sensationalized… … …

From a rare old release on ten-inch red vinyl titled Pink Floyd that includes the complete “Interstellar Overdrive” from Let’s All Make Love In London,
along with other tracks:

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  2. Page II
  3. Page 3

And from a new rare 6-CD box-set compilation of Barrett’s work titled Beyond Rhyme Nor Reason:

Page 1 Page 4
Page II Page V
Page Three Page Six

Seems to me the media back then would find it “politically incorrect” to report the illicit use of a prescription drug (“Qualudes” in the US, “Mandrill” to Syd and the rest of Europe and Africa), just one on the list of “mother’s little helpers.”
On the other hand, they would jump on the juicy headlines of a socially charged subject like LSD
Unfortunately, I at least, being as distant as I am, must wonder if the Floyd and management didn’t allow at least some complicity in the media’s twisted reports to gain publicity (“Syd freaks out” sells a lot more than “Syd’s an addict”).  After all, they did ditch him without notice (even if he did need to be booted at that point).
But this, ahem, socially charged subject doesn’t leave you staring blankly at the audience playing one chord for hours, or have you falling off your stool and slurring while recording a solo album, although I would bet it amplified the effects of the pills tenfold, and also probably made the effects stick…Permanently.

So remember kids, listen to your elders!  Stay away from those nasty drugs!  If you’re gonna party hardy, stick with only the “three P’s:”
Peace, Pot, & Psychedelics.

Never take LSD, Psilocybin (Mushrooms), Mescaline (Peyote), DMT (Ayahuaska) or any other Psychedelic if you or anyone in your family has ever had any symptoms of Epilepsy!  Also avoid all other drugs – including Ganga – without the advice of your doctor.  While “medical marijuana” may help some forms of epilepsy while under the doctor’s care, at least one friend of mine who developed a form of epilepsy late in life which throws him into fits of severe uncontrollable rage says he can't smoke it; but I suspect that while we didn't talk for many years he got into meth and ice (he admits smoking crack), and that whacked him and his brain, and that smoking Ganga is more about reliving his drug addictions than about relaxing and enjoying life.

I don’t mean to suggest that you should use any substance, any more than I sugest you go sky-diving, scuba-diving, or even bowling.  Activities such as these are inherently dangerous, and while the latter are far more so (you could really skrew up your back bowling, or even die in many sports), the use of “herbs & drugs” as well as extreme sports is a matter of personal choice of risk vs. reward.  (my friend recently spent over $2000 to become a certified scuba diver, only to panic and freak-out when he got in the ocean and almost drowned on the surface before diving if his instructor, an ex-Navy-Seal who was 250 pounds of muscle, didn't save him!  My recommendation is that you do your homework first before engaging in any risky behavior, and if you naturally freak-out or have “anxiety-attacks,” I do recommend you avoid all risky behavior without a true Jedi-level professional with a lifetime of experience to be your guide and guardian!)  And note I never recommend anyone do anything illegal!  Yet how can one live in a “free” society when the state and content of one’s very consciousness is dictated by the Gov’ment?  Thanks to heroes like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. Americans live in a society that legally embraces freedom for all races, but unlike sitting on a bus seat reserved for people of another color, getting arrested in Grantchester Meadows for having a picnic and smiling on a cloudy day while doing a theatrical rendition of the Old-English lyrics from Pink Floyd’s “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict” is not going to change legal sentiment on whether you “own and control” your own mind and body and have final say on how to use it, or whether the Gov’ment claims it has the right to “protect” you from yourself.

This Pink Floyd Freak knows that the Gov’ment is for the Multinational Corporation, of the Multinational Corporation, and by the Multinational Corporation (U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the “Citizens United” case, 2010, which gives any international company the right to intervene in U.S. politics if it pays U.S. taxes regardless of who owns the corporation…‌including foreign governments.), and serves only to protect corporate interests (the U.S. is a Republic not a Society!).  The biggest and most powerful corporate entities throughout the world are the Pharmaceutical companies, by 100 times the next largest: military.  The “psych-med” industry is an incredibly profitable nightmare of mis-managed care, and lack of it.  Millions and millions of people are prescribed dangerous addictive drugs that are known to have side-effects that can make peaceful people aggressive or even murderous, or “stable” people suicidal, with little more than a 45 minute visit to a psychiatrist (and no further oversight) with a the complaint of being sad and lonely, while living in a society that eliminates contact between neighbors and leaves one with the television as a substitute for family.  Meanwhile, those who really need counseling to help them “grow” only get a pill that they need to take every day for years or for life that helps them get along with the daily grind (they need only show up to work and pay taxes, as far as the Gov’ment is concerned) but fail to gain real personal insight, leading to future relapse of personal “simptoms” (requiring of course, more and expensive pills), continued socio-behaivioral patterns that are ineffective and many times destructive, as well as passing on these same unworkable social skills to the next generation.  Pharmaceutical companies donate millions and millions of dollars to Colleges and Universities with the catch that they teach a paradigm that equates the “control” of consciousness to the drugs they produce, and to downplay the teaching of any new paradigm that threatens the insanely large profits of these chemical companies.

Psychedelics offer the promise of real help to individuals when used properly, without daily meds to pay for, and without the need for guessing which antidepressant is the right one for a given person.  My friend lost her house when Prozac whacked her brain real good; she went from being stressed due to severe PTSD, to being insanely angry and unable to manage her life and personal relationships with anyone around her, while she relived (not released) her childhood traumas over and over, screaming the old stories to you again and again in fits of rage.  “Oh, we just gave you the wrong meds, we need to keep trying different ones” they told her.  “I’m not your guinny-pig!” she told them.  With a real talk-therepist who teaches her “tools” on how to cope with life, and a medical-marijuana license to help her relax and sleep (she says she recently quit) she got her life back together, and hardly ever screams at you about 30-years-past events, but when she does, she is able to gather herself together. 

But even beyond the varieties of psychedelic therapy, more modern technologies exist that can cure(!) a person permanently(!) of depression using powerful electromagnets that manipulate their aura (see The Infinite Mind by Valerie V. Hunt, professor at UCLA Berkley who worked with the U.S. National Institute Of Mental Health to develop this extremely powerful mind-manipulation technology, which, incidentally could be used to “get political prisoners to talk” among other things).  For 100 years the government has legally suppressed the development of electromagnetic and “auric” therapies for physical/mental health, while the American Medical Association (a group of corporate industries that associate to protect their profits from the manufacture medical stuff from band-aids to drugs) has gone out of the way to discredit any scientific discovery that heals people with little profit. See: Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber (great history and overview); The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker and Gary Seldon (he was able to stimulate regeneration of amputated limbs in lab animals with the properly pulsed and applied electrical DC current – no profit there when an artificial limb in the U.S. can cost $10 to manufacture and $10,000 to buy); and Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self by Anodea Judith (simply a fantastic book that breaks the barriers between the old and new paradigms and integrates their knowledge).

Although more powerful psychedelics like LSD offer psychologists, psychiatrists, and “shamen” the opportunity to help people quickly and effectively overcome even more complex personal problems without addiction (Xanax can kill you if you quit cold-turkey!), including overcoming addiction to other drugs (like heroin or alcohol), does this mean we should outlaw Xanax and legalize “guided tripping?”  Or outlaw “tripping” and Xanax and force people into Government-sponcered mind-manipulation-magnet boxes where they come out “cured?” (In Huxley’s A Brave New World he foresaw a Gov’ment that forced people to eat a daily “happy pill,” but this is quite a few dimensions scarier.) No, I say.  The Gov’ment has no right to dictate what medical treatments are legal and available for me to choose.  A Government should involve itself in protecting citizens from harm by others, not controlling the individuals and their choices.  It is the Government’s responsibility to ensure that what is sold to me is what it says it is, and that’s all.  If I choose to treat my depression with Xanax, (1) the tablets should be Xanax, and not laced with other stuff; and (2) the product should clearly state that it is toxic, deadly, the most addictive drug known, and that it does not “cure” depression, only disconnects you from your own inner reality and leaves you susceptible to being easily manipulated by any commercial media or “bully in your life”, as your “consciousness filters” are toned down (ask any psychologist who studies subconsious-sublimital mental processes, any hypnotist, or any professional enterprise that creates commercial promotions).  If I choose to seek help from a Mescalero or an uptown LSD clinic, this person or entity should not be able to legally make any claim as to a guaranteed outcome.

We no longer live in an uneducated society where only the rich can read and are allowed to go to college (current financial inequality issues aside), as when the Untied States of America was founded.  The only doctor to participate in the writing of the constitution tried to get a medical-freedom clause included, but it didn't make it.  We need that amendment today.  Corporate interests have too much power over our health, and the Gov'ment is in their pocket.  “Hilarycare” (a.k.a. “Obamacare” but it’s the same fascist package from the 1990s with a new face) is an example that only serves to ensure that the Medical Industry makes all the money it can at the cost to taxpayers, forcing me who takes excellent care of my body and health to pay for the slob addicted to McDonalds and Coca-Cola and the food on the grocery-store shelves that the U.S. DEA studies show are far, far more physically dangerous and harmful than Ganga, even when smoked.  Meanwhile, the war on drugs completely fails to fulfill its stated goals, rather it does the opposite (drug use has steadily risen as kids can clearly see the Gov’ment lies, and then fall into the trap of the truly dangerous drugs) while it creates another real problem out of an imagined one, financially supporting and empowering international criminal gangs that outright kill thousands and thousands of people every day, corrupts the police and alienates them from the citizens that they are supposed to protect and serve (further endangering the police, and making it harder for them to solve real crime without the help of trusting civilians), creates criminals out of the peaceful to fill the expensive taxpayer-funded privately owned for-profit prisons with passive inmates, empowers racial prejudice under guise, and turns members of society against others (divide and conquer!).

Tell your congressman to free a citizen’s right to medical help; end the war on drugs; repeal the patriot act; limit police powers; and provide more and better funding for police departments to buy protective equipment for their officers (so they don't need to rely on the sale of confiscated property from drug busts) and to fund truly criminal investigations such as theft, abuse, and murder; and especially to provide more and better funding for mental health, including drug addiction.  Drug addicts need help; they are not criminals.  Recreational drug users need social rules and guidance; they are not criminals.  How many people have you heard about that inject NyQuil to get high?  Or even drink it?  I never have.  I took it once for the flu and was “high” for two days!  Take the profit and glam out of “illegal” drugs and make the world a safer place for the children!  It has been said you can judge a country by how it treats its criminals and mentally-ill.  The U.S. gets a failing grade.  Other countries are forced to adopt the same fascist drug policies by the U.S. if they want their banking system to integrate with the U.S. — tell your congressmen to end this international policy, and if you live in another country, tell your government not to bend to fascist U.S. corporate imperialism.

And if you choose to party and ignore the law don’t be stupid!  Laws may be wrong, but nasty drugs are nasty drugs any way you look at them.  Have a fun party and enjoy life, but don't head down a path without a heart — I personally don’t recommend you consume any drugs at all, however, I simply have no general recommendation that you avoid Ganja and the stronger Psychedelics, excepting the notes elsewhere on this page.  If you choose to consume “drugs,” stick with the three “P”s!

Ancient Native American teachings say Peyote (mescaline) keeps the body strong and young, the mind clear, the soul oriented towards the “correct” way of living in harmony with others, and the spirit growing.  Mushrooms and Ayahuaska (psilocybin and DMT) can open the doors of perception to the complexities of the conscious living universe.  Pure pharmaceutical grade LSD (not the black-market street stuff impure from poor manufacturing techniques and then further laced with other drugs from amphetamines to PCP) is one of the least-toxic, least-carcinogenic substances known to man (you could swim in pools of it, but only a microscopic amount is actually needed to be consumed!) and ultimately one of the safest when in the right hands and used the proper way.  But as anything that is so powerful goes, they can all be hazardous or even dangerous to folks with pre-existing “mental/emotional/spiritual imbalances” without the benevolent guidance of an experienced “shaman” or psychologist (that your uncle did it a few times does not make him experienced and in the know of how to handle all psychedelic mental/emotional/spiritual crises) and especially dangerous to others in the hands of malevolent psychopaths like Charles Manson, or the folks at the CIA who started the MK-Ultra (Mind-Kontrol Ultimate) project in the 1950-1970s; one of those psychopaths in charge of that project became president of the United States: George H. W. Bush.  Only a psychopath would try to use these substances (psychedelics in general), known to man since the beginning of humanity to be tools for personal growth and spiritual discovery, as tools to “discredit foreign dignitaries” (by slipping an undetectable amount in their water just before a public speech, which to the inexperienced and unaware can cause complete confusion), to “brainwash” spies of foreign governments into becoming double-agents (highly unlikely, since, like the Jedi mind-trick, brainwashing fails on the strong minded, just as hypnosis will not convince one to do something that he/she is against), to “brainwash” other individuals into doing their dirty work (quite likely with the “mentally ill” or “mentally unstable:” the guy pinned for killing President Kennedy is said to have been brainwashed this way into playing his part; even if he wasn't the guy who actually pulled the trigger, someone still needed to be there to take the fall…) or worse — by using it to torture or trick prisoners into “speaking,” and perhaps the most heinous is when they quietly slipped it into US-soldiers’ rations without telling them during the Vietnam War and sent them into full battle with guns blazing and bombs dropping… the rational being that psychologists showed it can “make you more of what you are” and they were trained soldiers in battle… the movie Apocalypse Now is about that.  What makes it dangerous is the fact that the “common people” are unaware of the method of its “power,” and making it illegal facilitates that.  Despite the fact that psychologists “in the know” found it to be, like, you know, the best tool ever, man! (A single well-documented example among an infinite number of therapeutic uses: #1 treatment for alcoholism – with a 60+% “long-term cure” factor, as opposed to the next best: Alcohol Anonymous at about 12% at best according to current documentation, about 20% documented at the time of the study in the early 1960s.)  Psychologist-sponsered experiments on creativity in the mid-1960s, giving LSD to the world’s top-scientists, yielded the solution to problems that plagued them for years, resulting in a fundamental upgrade in the design of nuclear-partical accelerators, secret US-Navy submarine-detecting equipment, and much, much more. 

In one of the longest debates in US-Congressional history, the world’s most respected psychologists and scientists testified to keep, at the very least, controlled research legal, but ultimately the opponents twisted the arm right off of the US-Congress into making it a “crime” to manage your own mind and body and live free………  The CIA’s interests in using LSD, other psychedelics, and “drugs” in general as weapons { { besides flooding the Haight in San Fransisco, along with “negro” neighborhoods, with heroin [from the Vietnam War], cocaine [from then secret involvement in South-American politics & into the 1990s also using not-so-secret involvement in Central-America to create friendly shipping routes], and “speed” [invented by their old German-Nazi friends (remember the true Nazis have always been international, including grandpa Bush who’s U.S. based bank help fund the German military)] through their “Mafia” connections, just as today Afghanistan supplies over 90% of the world’s heroin—yet before the U.S. invasion it was less than 1% (and there is more heroin in the U.S. today than ever before), they were also behind the “brown acid” at Woodstock (and into the 1990s) that leaves users feeling shitty, thus disrupting any potential spiritual experiences and attempting to discredit the flower-children’s adopted slogan of “better living through chemistry” } } aligned perfectly with the fact that “hippies” and other war protesters and college students asserting their rights as citizens to free speech and freedom in general, had taken a liking to “tripping” and “smoking ganga,” and that was an excuse to arrest them — it was recently revealed through freedom of information act releases that the sociopathic President Reagan, then Governor of California, was involved with the FBI, US-Presidents Hoover and Johnson, and worked with Berkley University administrators to illegally suppress and discredit even “clean-cut” students’ political activities.  A glowing example of why the founding fathers put it in the constitution that no one should trust the government to involve itself with the personal correspondences of citizens as it now does, especially as the same international mafia that funded the Nazi uprising [the Bush family among others] still controls not only the CIA, but now through the NSA, all branches of “intellegence” thus eliminating internal checks and balances.  Absolute sickness…  Not to mention that during the congressional testimonies it was said to make a user into a “non-conformist,” causing them to realize they did not want to be just another “square” … just another Brick in the Wall … and that the “communists” would take over.  It was said that these “hippies” were then forming their own communal-living societies, growing their own food, building their own shelter and giving up on the consumer culture.  Hippies were “tuning in, turning on, and dropping out” of industrialized society, as Timothy Leary promoted, and that if use spread throughout the country, the psychotic fear presented to congress was that industry in the U.S. would collapse (dollars would be lost).

Especially avoid drugs that effect your endocrine & hormonal systems, including uppers and downers.  “Ludes” whacked poor Syd.  Amphedimine-based drugs are just as hard on the body/mind/spirit, including meth, ice (the nastiest of nasties) and yes modern “ravers”, eXtacy.  ¡¡¡Also avoid those modern customized brain-drugs from Xanax to bath-salts!!!  Any substance that acts as a “replacement” to one of the body’s own natural products will cause long-term detrimental imbalances.  Psychedelics, however, don't work that way, thus they are also completely non-addictive.  The word psychedelic is Greek and means “mind-manifesting,” in that it reveals the mind to itself and facilitates a higher-level of consciousness – which does not mean one is smarter in any way, simply “more aware” in ways that have defied description since Hoffman’s first trip in the 1940s.  However, under this definition, the ganga herb is the mildest of psychedelics.  These are not “hallucinogens” as no one reports seeing things as “real” that aren’t actually there; but alcohol, uppers, & downers are…alcoholics get little bugs that crawl all over their body when “dry,” and see “pink elephants” when blasted to the point of no recognition… …stay awake for days on “speed” and the mind starts dreaming while walking, and suddenly you think your brother is plotting against you and you start pounding on him, or you show up at a friends house at 3:00AM with 3 imaginary buddies and proceed to play pool on a non-exsistant pool-table while holding conversation with your host and the 3 imaginary friends [no, I don't “do” that crap (meth), but this is a true story told to me by family!]… …and the dreamy state of heroin is said to be, well, all a dream…that turns to nightmare.

And for meds, remember M.E.D.S.Meditation, Exercise, Diet, Sleep — much better than any pills!
¡¡¡Your health (physical/mental/spiritual) is the most important thing in your life!!!  These are the words of my elders.

Have you ever been experienced? Not necessarily stoned…but…Beautiful
Jimi Hendrix
What in the world ever became of sweet Jane? She lost her sparkle you know she isn’t the same. Livin’ on reds (amphetamines) vitamin-C and cocaine……… All a man can say is “ain’t it a shame.”
The Grateful Dead
The needle and the spoon… …It will take you away… I’ve been feeling so sick inside, I’ve gotta get better Lord before I die. Seven doctors couldn’t help my head, they said “you’ld better quit son before you’re dead…” I've seen a lotta folks that think they’re cool, then again I’ve seen a lot of fools… Don’t mess with the needle, I know, I know, I know!
Lynyrd Skynyrd
…We’re all just prisoners here of our own device… …they stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast… Goodnight said the nightman, but we are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave
The Eagles
And it’s high-time, cymbaline … Please wake me
Pink Floyd

No one sings praises for heroin, cocaine, uppers, downers…
and no one sings the blues about ganga or shrooms…

Never-the-less, psychedelics are tools for personal growth & healing, not “keys” to paradise or nirvana or inner-peace, or an instant “cure” like an aspirin, as folks like Timothy Leary promised; the movie The Valley intends to make this point about psychedelics, as More is about the foolish danger of heroin.  Without knowing how to use the tools fully and properly and safely, they are nothing more than a “buzz-trip” that only hopefully, but usually, is fun.  However, modern psychologists speak of those who “grow faster than they are ready to” and this scares them.  As Jim Morrison says in the movie The Doors you must face the giant serpent and kiss him on the nose without fear, or he will consume you!  The serpent is your own dark side, as you are your worst enemy, as well as your own best friend.  The super-star actor Cary Grant famously announced his love of LSD after it was clinically administered to him by a psychiatrist in 1959, but noted:

I have been born again, been through a psychiatric experience which has completely changed me.  I had to face things about myself that I never admitted, which I didn’t know were there.  Now I know that I hurt every woman I ever loved.  I was an utter fake, a self-opinionated bore, a know-all who knew very little.  I found I was hiding behind all kinds of defenses, hypocrisies and vanities.  I had to get rid of them layer by layer.  The moment when your conscious meets your subconscious is a hell of a wrench.  With me there came a day when I saw the light.

Thanks to heroes like Quanah Parker, the ancient traditions legally, peacefully, lovingly, live on…

From a rare CD of rare Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd outtakes titled Lucy Leave and Other Rarities:

  1. Page 1/2
  2. Page 3/4

Finally, from an early 1980’s edition of an Encyclopedia of Rock:

Page 138 Page 141 Page 144 Page 147
Page 139 Page 142 Page 145 Page 148
Page 140 Page 143 Page 146 Page 149

Syd, Rick, I love you brothers!!!  R.I.P.  And thanks for everything!

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