The live and obscure Pink Floyd

Video on DVD and VHS

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At this time I have not even viewed a great majority of these, let alone had time to sort them all out, catalog the videos, or compile the best quality copies of them into a single set.  I don't even have a TV. :-)
Additionally, I don't have the Videos with me - they are in storage for now.  Please check back during the summer of 2008 for trading availability.




w/ Roland Petit Ballet, November 22-26, 1972, Marseilles, France

Syd Barrett’s First Trip



Anthology Ultimate Collection Vol 1. The 60s Part 1



Anthology Ultimate Collection Vol 1. The 60s Part 2



Anthology Ultimate Collection Vol 1. The 60s Part 3



’68 Rushes


master footage from BBC TV’s All My Loving performance - with and without red-lens filter.

First In Space



Video Anthology 1967-1972



Video Anthology 1973-1994



Video Retrospective:  Psychedelic Years 1966-1971  -  The Spaced Out Years 1972-1983



Video Retrospective:  The Beginning Of The End Years 1983-1989  -  The End of The Beginning Years 1990-2003



Let’s Roll Another One



Psychedelic Chronicles



Secrets Of Echoes



The Scarecrows Dream  Expanded Edition



Film Archives


Hollywood Bowl, LA, September 22, 1972
LA Sports Arena, LA, April 27, 1975
Wien Statdhalle, Vienna, Austria, February 1, 1977
Anaheim Stadium, California, May 7, 1977
Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany, March 1, 1977

Lost Documentary


about The Wall

San Francisco 70


KQED TV Studios, April 29, 1970 (afternoon show)

St. Tropez 1970


pro-shot at St. Tropez Music Festival, France, August 8, 1970

Stamping Ground


various artists including Pink Floyd
pro-shot at The Holland Pop Festival 70, Kralingse Bos, Rotterdam, June 28, 1970

Mind Your Throats Please  -  Archives Vol. 1


“Atom Heart Mother” filmed at:
The Bath Festival Of Blues And Progressive Music ’70, Somerset, England,  June 27, 1970
2nd British Rock Meeting, Germersheim, W. Germany, May 21, 1972

The Wall Performed Live 2/27/80 - Nassau Coliseum, NY



The Wall Performed Live


Earls’ Court, England

The Calhoun Tapes


½ of the Atlanta 1987 concert - those not slated for release

Omnipresent Live 1987


½ of the Atlanta 1987 concert - those slated for release - but abandoned

Bobby Dodd Stadium, Atlanta, GA


audience film - 5/4/1994

The World’s Greatest Albums: Atom Heart Mother - The Ultimate Critical Review


includes Bath Festival footage

Live 8 Reunion - July 2, 2005



Together Again - Pigs Do Fly - Hyde Park, London, July 2nd 2005



Roger Waters - Blueprints - Berlin Rehearsals, July 18-20, 1990



Freak Out Ethel!


various (no artwork)

Crystal Voyager


surfing video with “Echoes” as background music


Anaheim 77, Hollywood 72, L.A. 75


I have yet to compare these old VHS copies to those found on DVD

Atlanta 5/4/94


better color than DVD

French TV profile - Montreal TV profile, summer 94



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