Sources for the BBC 5+ CD set:
# of
title publisher
1 slvr AMIA All Movement Is Accomplished Inhouse Records
1 LP AHMGOTR Atom Heart Mother Goes On The Road Oscar Records
2 slvr BBCA BBC Archives Siréne [025]
(taken from the BBC master reels)
2 slvr BBCA BBC Archives Siréne [026]
(taken from the stereo-mixes of the multi-tracks recordings)
1 Pro BBCA79 BBC Archives 1967-1969 Harvested [HRV CDR 008]
4 Org BBCB BBC Broadcasts Bedrock Records
3 CDR BBCS BBC Sessions 67-71 World Wide Music
1 LP BBCTS BBC Transcription Services BBC
1 slvr BBCRH BBC Rock Hour Fire Power
1 CDR TCBBCS The Complete BBC Sessions  (disk three only)  
2 slvr TCTGS The Complete Top Gear Sessions Great Dane Records
1 Pro CD6567 Crazy Diamond '65-'67 SB-001
1 Pro Cy Cymbaline Alegra
10 slvr EFV1 … EFV10 Early Flights Vols 1 through 10 Euro Boots
1 LP E Eclipse Diamond Records
1 LP Ed Eclipsed Slipped Disk Records
1 slvr Em The Embryo The Swingin’ Pig
2 slvr ED Esoteric Dreams Flux And Reflux Music
1 CDR FITS Fading In The Sun Dark Records
1 LP FOL-FALL Floyds Of London Finally At Long Last TARKL 15 {on “cover paper” - the cover is blank and comes with a printed sheet of paper}
Dessie Records {on LP}
1 slvr Fo Focus Big Music
3 Pro FUTTM From Underground To The Moon Digital Phono Records
1 LP TGLPFA The Great Lost Pink Floyd Album     (includes the master of most copies of “Baby Blue Shuffle in D major”)  
1 Pro LSM Libest Spacement Monitor Oil Well
1 LP LTF Light The Fuse Sodium Haze Records
1 slvr LPM7 Live Performances • March 1971  (not March, and is ’70-’71) Best Underground Recordings
1 CDR Me Meddler Harvested (HRV)
10 LP IMRIP In Memoriam   1967-1981  R•I•P OZ / Reformition
1 slvr MFAS Music For Architectural Students Living Legend Records
1 slvr MUISBTHIG My Uncle Is Sick Because The Highway Is Green Oil Well
1 slvr TNPSO67 The Next Projected Sound Of ‘67 [disk matrix is: PF-160104-RS]
1 slvr OOTD One Of These Days The Swingin’ Pig
1 slvr OFOS Outtakes From Outer Space Hippie Shit Label
1 LP PITC Pink Is The Colour
1 slvr PS Psychedelic Sessions Still Alive Records
1 slvr R-A Re-Actor Big Music
1 Pro RS Radio Sessions The Godfatherecords
1 CDR SLTS Shine Like The Sun Dark Records
TSDEE The Scarecrows Dream   Expanded Edition  (has nearly complete Top Gear sessions - good, clear sound, but different — see Disk 6) Highland   (I am wondering if this is a true Highland release)
1 slvr TSASOSBPF The Sights And Sounds Of… Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd Invasion Unlimited
2 Pro TE Total Eclipse   A Retrospective Great Dane Records
1 LP T73 Tour 73
1 slvr URTV1 Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1 The Genuine Pig Records
1 slvr VOATOA Variations On A Theme Of Absence CD Company s.r.l.
1 LP W Wavelengths Spatial Arrangement 4
6 slvr BRNR Syd Barrett Beyond Rhyme Nor Reason Flux and Reflux Music
4 Org TSBAV Syd Barrett The Syd Barrett Archives Volumes 1-4 American Nightmare Productions

DISK ONE  77:41 Interviews and Broadcast takes & outtakes

UFO Club London, January 27, 1967, BBC TV “Scene Special”

BBCB 3:59 1. Interstellar Overdrive   (broadcast)
BRNR 5:01 2. Interstellar Overdrive   (followed by McCartney interview)
BRNR 2:30 3. Matilda Mother   (broadcast)

BBC Television Centre London, May 14, 1967, “Look of the Week”

BBCB 0:46 4. Pow R. Toc H.
BBCB 4:58 5. Astronomy Dominé
TSBAV1 3:41 6. interview with Hans Keller

CBC Radio London July 1967

BBCB 7:02 7. Interstellar Overdrive w/ interview

French TV, Paris 1968 (¿February 20/21, 1968 - QRTF Studios Buttes Chaumont, Paris France?)

EFV6 2:27 8. Astronomy Dominé   (EFV7 says UK Radio 1967)
EFV7 3:42 9. Let There Be More Light
EFV7 3:05 10. Flaming

London, November 3, 1968, BBC TV “All My Loving”

BBCB 2:17 11. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

BBC Television Centre London, July 10, 1969 “Omnibus” (for the moon-landing special)

BBCB 6:28 12. Interstellar Overdrive
BBCB 4:48 13. Moonhead

Paris Cinema London, September 30, 1971 for BBC Radio “In Concert” - alternate take

BBCTS 26:48 14. Echoes
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DISK TWO  43:36 The Top Gear Sessions

BBC Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Avenue, London, September 25, 1967  for BBC Radio One (broadcast on October 1, 1967)

(Note:  This Pink Floyd Freak doubts whether “Apples And Oranges” was really recorded for the BBC — the single was recorded October 31-November 1 after “Vegetable Man” & “Scream Thy Last Scream” were ‘rejected.’  All CD sources that claim this song are fake: their copy is the single version.  Indeed, “Esoteric Dreams” has the original broadcast announcements that says “their new studio single will be out in a few more weeks, but here it is now…” The only LP set (that I have) that  includes these early BBC recordings is In Memoriam   1967-1981  R•I•P, and it hints that it’s there, but it’s not.  The book Pink Floyd: In The Flesh  The Complete Performance History by Glenn Povey and Ian Russell says this performance included “Apples And Oranges,” but it was ‘left out’ of the first broadcast on Oct 1, and was included in the second one on Oct 5.  Was the rebroadcast really in December, or in ’68 (or later?) with the single in the middle?  Did Povey & Russell glean their info from a tape or LP, or a printed radio guide, or the BBC archives, or a combination?  (tapes commonly get under-labeled and mis-labeled when copied as ink fades over time)  As the  BBC reportedly destroyed the masters in the 1970’s, and this was 40 years ago now (WOW!!!  And their music is still progressive in today’s standards!), we here at the other end of the spectrum may never know for sure… …unless one of the old-timers wants to finally come off it!!! ;-)

AMIA 2:37 1. Flaming
BRNR 2:03 2. Scarecrow
BRNR 2:10 3. The Gnome
TSBAV1 3:24 4. Matilda Mother
BRNR 3:18 5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
BRNR 0:35 6. Reaction in G   (fragment)

BBC Maida Vale Studios, Maida Vale, London, December 20, 1967  for BBC Radio One (broadcast on December 31, 1967)

BRNR 3:12 7. Vegetable Man
BBCA79 3:39 8. Scream Thy Last Scream
CD6567 2:55 9. Pow R. Toc H.
BBCA79 3:52 10. Jugband Blues

BBC Piccadilly Studio 1, London, June 25, 1968  for BBC Radio One (broadcast on August 11, 1968)

BBCA79 2:18 11. Murderistic Woman
6:39 12. The Massed Gadgets of Hercules
3:43 13. Let There Be More Light
URTV1 0:42 14. --intro--
BBCS 2:20 15. Julia Dream
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DISK THREE  38:47 The Top Gear Sessions

BBC Maida Vale Studios, Maida Vale, London, December 2, 1968  for BBC Radio One (broadcast on Dec 15, 1968)

4:13 1. Point Me At The Sky   (no noise reduction - very clean.  TCTGS has tape wobble, others are inferior fidelity from noise reduction)
4:04 2. Baby Blue Shuffle in D major   (fades early as do all CD sources) (BBCA79 is pitched fast; TCTGS has hi-frequency distortion & noise, but better bass sub-harmonics; PS has less fidelity) (LP sources with NM vinyl may be better)
BBCA79 3:27 3. The Embryo   (very clean & complete) (TCTGS has lead space & more noise; BBCB & BBCS cut in late; Em is pitched fast)
9:12 4. Interstellar Overdrive   (noise reduction used - clean but lacks full sparkle) (TCTGS & BBCA79 more noise reduction, less fidelity: especially bass) (LP sources with superclean vinyl may be better)

BBC Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street, London, May 12, 1969  for BBC Radio One’s Night Ride (on May 14) & Top Gear (on June 1)

BBCA79 3:36 5. Daybreak
BBCA79 3:29 6. Nightmare
BBCA79 3:11 7. The Beginning
BBCA79 3:06 8. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep
BBCA79 4:25 9. The Narrow Way Part 3
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DISK FOUR  60:46 Peel Sunday Concert

BBC Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street, London, July 16, 1970  for BBC Radio One hosted by John Peel

BBCA 0:27 1. --John Peel's intro--
BBCA 10:36 2. The Embryo
BBCA 5:50 3. Fat Old Sun
BBCA 3:24 4. Green Is The Colour
BBCA 8:22 5. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
BBCA 5:46 6. If
BBCA 26:17 7. The Atom Heart Mother   (With the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble and the John Aldiss Choir, conducted by John Aldiss.)
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DISK FIVE  65:51 Sounds Of The Seventies

BBC Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street, London, September 30, 1971  for BBC Radio One hosted by John Peel

BBCA 0:42 1. --John Peel’s intro--
BBCA 14:55 2. Fat Old Sun
BBCA 7:19 3. One Of These Days
BBCA 10:47 4. The Embryo
BBCA 26:41 5. Echoes
Me 5:24 6. Pink Blues
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DISK SIX  77:31 The Scarecrows Dream   Expanded Edition

BBC Top Gear Sessions

— same tracks as Disks Two & Three, but different source tape.  Some are fainter, but clearer, some better treble at the sacrifice of bass, some are pitched slightly faster/slower.  To choose is a matter of personal preference & audio equipment used for playback.
TSDEE 2:37 1. Flaming
TSDEE 2:02 2. Scarecrow
TSDEE 3:19 3. Matilda Mother
TSDEE 2:09 4. The Gnome
TSDEE 2:58 5. Pow R. Toc H.
TSDEE 3:24 6. Vegetable Man
TSDEE 3:39 7. Scream Thy Last Scream
TSDEE 3:52 8. Jugband Blues
TSDEE 3:41 9. Let There Be More Light
TSDEE 2:18 10. Murderistic Woman
TSDEE 2:23 11. Julia Dream
TSDEE 6:50 12. Massed Gadgets Of Hercules
TSDEE 4:21 13. Point Me At The Sky
TSDEE 3:27 14. The Embryo
TSDEE 3:55 15. Baby Blue Shuffle in D major
TSDEE 8:38 16. Interstellar Overdrive
TSDEE 3:36 17. Daybreak
TSDEE 3:29 18. Nightmare
TSDEE 3:11 19. The Beginning
TSDEE 3:06 20. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep
TSDEE 4:25 21. The Narrow Way part 3
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Interview Disks:
The Conversation Disk Series [ABCD 013]
There Is No Dark Side The Network Conversations Interview Series (2 CDs) [CONV 005]
Wishing The Network Conversations Interview Series (2 CDs) [CONV 008]
Star Profile Point Entertainment Ltd. [8212]
Westwood One - Off The Record Classic Show # 07-33 for broadcast the weekend of August 18/19, 2007

Special Thanks to the
and others for these precious recordings.

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